LyticsNotify: Generate Your Lottery Numbers With LottoLytics & Receive Email Alerts

Have you ever wondered if lottery tickets have an expiration date?  Well, most, if not all, lottery tickets have an expiration date.  The expiration date can vary depending on the lottery game, but usually it's between 180 days to one year.

Picture this, you've picked out your special numbers and purchased your lucky lottery ticket.  You store your winning lottery ticket in that "safe spot" where you keep your important stuff.  You know, that drawer in your desk you never look through?  The drawing comes and goes, and you forget about it.  

The newspaper and online news outlets circulate articles about expiring lottery tickets in your area, but you still don't see it, cause you're too busy or on vacation drinking mojitos.  Your ticket expires, and you've just won and, now lost, $1 Million USD.

LyticsNotify: Receive Winning Ticket Alerts via Email

Here at LottoLytics, that story is history.  We've introduced a new feature (as of February 2020) that will check your LottoLytics generated numbers against the last drawing for the games we currently support.  This new feature will email you every Sunday, if any of your generated numbers matched a prize tier for the games we support.
For example, if you generated a set of Powerball numbers using LottoLytics, and your generated numbers matched the Powerball on the last drawing, we'll automatically send you an email on the first Sunday following the Powerball drawing.

In the email, we'll show you the game, the drawn numbers, your numbers, and how many you've matched that led to a winning prize, even if its only a $2 winning ticket.  

How LyticsNotify Winning Ticket Alerts Work

Our system updates itself with the latest winning numbers on a daily basis and stores it in your large analysis database.  We also store all your generated numbers for you in your account dashboard. 

Using these two pieces of information, we scan the latest winning numbers for all games we currently support and scan all your numbers for all games, and if we get a match we send you an email!  It's that simple.  

How Can I Start Using LyticsNotify?

You need an active subscription to LottoLytics for winning ticket email alerts to work, but signing up is simple and you can subscribe for as little as $3 for 7 days.  We recommend subscribing for 30 days for $4 more dollars!

Once you're signed up and subscribed, you can start generating numbers using the easy to use 'Generate New Numbers' dashboard.  Play your generated numbers and the rest is automatic.  If your numbers match any prize, we'll let you know!

Don't let any of your tickets expire without you claiming your prize!