Dreaming of Snakes: Sign Of Winning The Lottery or Money?

General Interpretation About Snake Dreams

We all dream of winning the lottery or at least having a long streak of luck in whatever we do. However, we have little control over what our subconscious conjures up when we go to sleep. Some dreams, nevertheless, come with an unexpected run of good fortune or luck.

You have probably heard stories of people who won the lotto after having dreamt of snakes. Yes, there are indeed people who confess to have dreamt of white snakes a few days before they bought the winning ticket.

I remember reading a story in an online forum about a teacher who left school only to find a snake had crawled on to her motorbike. Surprisingly, the next winning lottery number after that day matched her motorbike’s license plate! 
So, is there a connection between dreaming of snakes and winning the lottery or is it just another old maid’s tale? 

Snake Dreams and Luck with Money

In most parts of the world, the snake, especially a white one, is considered a symbol of good fortune. It’s no surprise why snake-patterned wallets are quite popular today. Let's take a look at some examples.

  •  Catching a snake in your dream is a good omen. Go out and buy a lottery ticket if you have such a dream. It means you’ve finally grabbed your good fortune. However, the dream may also mean that you are about to lose your good fortune, especially if you caught the snake and let it go.
  •  Dreaming of being chased by snakes is another sign of joy, happiness, and good luck with money. The dream is a message that money, love, and fortune are soon coming your way. This is a great time to buy a lottery ticket.
  •  Dreaming of killing white snakes implies that you are about to experience good fortune or success in your business or any other economic situation. Take this dream as a sign of more income coming your way.
  •  When you dream of a snake approaching closer to you, take this as a sign of your financial troubles finally coming to an end. You could even get more money if you reached out in your dream and touched the snake as it crawls closer.
  •  Dreaming of seeing a snake, especially a white one, shedding off its skin is a sign of development or rebirth. It may also mean that you are about to see a new and better start in your life with more money and satisfaction. Rebirth comes with huge progressive changes in life.
  •  Dreaming of a snake crawling over your body from bottom to top may also imply that you are about to experience prosperity in life.
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The Link Between Snake Dreams and Lottery Numbers

  •  If you see a viper in your dream, your lucky lottery number may be 67
  •  Lucky number for dreams with multiple snakes could be 6
  •  You could be lucky with lottery number 34 if you see a green snake in your dream
  •  Play lottery number 23 if you see a red snake in your dream
  •  For a white snake, the lucky number may be 13
  •  Dreaming of a snake crawling over your body from bottom to top may also imply that you are about to experience prosperity in life.

In Dreams, It's Mostly a Good Sign!

Most dreams involving snakes are considered as a sign of good luck in lottery. White snakes appearing in your dream are believed to be a good omen, especially if you play the lottery. When you dream of a snake gradually approaching you, take it as a sign of good luck approaching. 

Your fear of the snake could mean that you are overwhelmed by the arrival of the good fortune. Don’t be afraid but accept the approaching luck and fortune with confidence.