Dreaming of Poop: Sign Of Winning The Lottery or Money?

Does dreaming about poop mean that you are about to get a windfall?

There have been stories in lottery forums about people constantly getting all forms of poop-related dreams, such as watching a dog take a dump, then going ahead to win a hefty cash prize.

These are stories that would make you try to concentrate on poop before going to bed to see if it will work for you but on a serious note, is there really a relationship between poop dreams and money? 

And if it really did happen was it a rare coincidence or is there some truth to the lottery dream of poop? I did some digging about the topic and found a lot of evidence to support the old saying – poop happens, at least financially this time around.

For instance, among the top Korean dream interpretations that mean you are likely to win a lottery, dreaming about poop being thrown on your head ranks second. 

According to Korean dream interpretations, when you dream about poop, your hindrances and financial obstacles are being eliminated to open doors to fortune. 

So, when you dream about your body getting covered in excretory substance, be prepared to experience a windfall or success in life. However, keep in mind that dreams about throwing away dung could be a negative sign of irresponsible spending or wasting money.

Most dream interpreters readily agree that dreaming about poop suggests some form of wealth or money is about to happen. Poop is considered as a precognitive sign of getting money. If you dream of rubbing yourself all over with poop or seeing a lot of poop, keep your wallet and bank account ready to receive some cash in the nearest future. 

General Interpretation About Poop Dreams

In as much as we’d all love to have a lottery dream of poop and waking up to winning a jackpot, it is important to pay attention to the type of feces you see in your dream and the context in which you are seeing the poop before you can interpret the dream.

Consider the type of feces you see to make a more accurate interpretation.
Here are a few examples of poop dreams and what they could be meaning in your financial life:

Dreams Involving Animal Fecal Matter

Dreams involving all kinds of fecal matter from animals such as cats and dogs typically relate to someone you know or you’re about to meet. A dog typically relates to a close and loyal friend and cats denote female figures in your waking life. 

So, when you find yourself picking up or stepping on dog or cat poop in your dreams, it is quite likely that you’ll soon be making some form of financial contracts and wealth decisions with or for some of your loyal people. You may soon be making money by helping others make sound financial decisions. 

Dreams about cow or horse dung, otherwise known as manure, are a sign of prosperity. If you dream of working with dung, you are possibly doing things to increase fertility in your financial life. 

Manure or fertilizer helps things to grow and thrive well in life and handling this form of fertilizer is an indication of impending profit and prosperity whether as an individual or in your family or business. Dreams involving poop could mean there are good things coming for you, including money. 

Color of Poop

The color of poop in your dreams also matters. For instance, most fecal matter has a brown color, which symbolizes all things earthly as well as stability and material wealth. Brown is a color of wealth and riches.

Brown poop in your dreams has the same symbolic meaning. It could be your spirit guides trying to alert you about a good fortune you are about to get. They’re probably telling you not to worry about your petty needs because serious money is on its way.

If you see a lot of brown fecal matter in your dream, this could just as well be a lottery dream of poop.

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Size and Location of the Poop in Your Dream

When you see or interact with poop in your dreams, take note of the size and location of the fecal matter. For example, if bird poop or chicken droppings drop on your head from the sky, it could be an indication of a small win or good financial fortune in the near future.

Even in our waking life, bird droppings from the sky are popularly considered as a sign of a small lottery, poker game, or sweepstake win.

When you see poop all over in your dreams, take this as a serious indication of an impending windfall in the near future. It is a sign of sudden good fortunes that come out of nowhere.

If you are a kind-hearted and helpful person and suddenly dream of cleaning other people’s or animal poop with soap, the dream may mean that your efforts of correcting other people’s mistakes will soon be rewarded with serious monetary gains. 

This is often the best time to start buying lottery tickets to help the good fortune find its way to you quicker. 

Poop in Public

Take care of dreams that involve pooping in front of people in public. Such dreams could be a warning about your recent habit of flashing or showing off your recently acquired wealth to other people.

If you dream about pooping in a public restroom that doesn’t have dividers, this could be an indication of comparing your good fortune or wealth with other people. If you feel guilty or ashamed of your public poop dreams, you may be expressing a feeling of being unworthy of the money you have recently earned.

Dreams about pooping in your pants and trying to hide the incident may imply that you have disgusting or dirty spending habits that you are striving hard to hide.

However, no matter how hard you try to hide the habits other people can still smell and notice the habits. Such negative habits that could potentially take away your money involve things like gambling and impulsive shopping addictions. 

We Hope You Run Into Some Money!

Poop happens in a positive way too. If you see fecal matter in your dreams, your dream of poop might be a sign you're in for a good lottery win in the near future.