Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers Could they help you win?

So, question, whats a hot and cold number?!?

Think about it this way, if you ask your friends and family to choose a number from 1 to 10, and almost all of them choose 7, well that means 7 is pretty hot! 

Same thing goes for the lottery. We've found there seems to be a set of numbers that get drawn a lot more than others, and their might be a possibility you select one for your next play! These are what we call HOT lottery numbers.

Now, you can't have hot, without, you guessed it - COLD lottery numbers. Cold lottery numbers are the opposite of hot, duh, right?  Well, in our friends and family example, lets say almost none of them, but your Uncle HaaVyay (english for Javier) chose lottery number 3. That's a cold number, or in our case, a cold lottery number. It gets drawn less in the lottery drawings.  

LottoLytics Does All The Hard Work For You

Every day, LottoLytics collects lottery data and runs processing to study the lottery results.  We want to always have the latest information so we can give you the best information when you play the lottery.

Our collection contains years of history of lottery results, and we we're able to determine the hot and cold lottery numbers, in a few seconds for you. Who knows, it might help?  

Also, when you generate lottery combination using LottoLytics, we color the hot numbers RED and the cold numbers BLUE.

Could Using Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers Help You?

Well randomness is for certain, and we cannot guarantee it will help you.

However, you can see in our color coded charts in LottoLytics that history seems to kind of repeat itself.  There is a chance if you saw the Hot and Cold charts and choose your next lottery numbers from there, you might match more than usual.  Hey, its fun to think so!

Your ability to choose your next lottery winning numbers using hot and cold numbers is only a click away!